What is the Parochial Church Council?

Well quite frankly it is a fancy name for the committee of people that administer the every day running of the church. We are responsible for every aspect of the building including the cleaning, which means that we do get our hands dirty. We are also responsible for trying to raise the money required for the upkeep of the church as well as the money (the parish share) that has to be sent to Lincoln each year. It is a myth that the church is rolling in money and that money comes to us from on high. It is true that the Church of England has a lot of valuable assets but these do not generate sufficient income to cover their cost in many cases. So like many old people with a large house they are asset rich but still poor in terms of income. The parish share comes back to the deanery as a whole in the form of the paid clergy and the administrative costs that occur in running the deanery.

This is the list of members of the PCC 

If you wish to join them or help in any way please contact Stephen Newstead or Vicky Waltham (See Contact us)

                                                         Reverend Adrian Sullivan                                     Chairman

                                                         Mr Stephen Newstead                                         Lay Chairman & Treasurer

                                                         Mrs Linda Newstead                                           Secretary

                                                         Mrs Elaine Harrison                                             Deanery Synod Representative

                                                         Mrs Victoria Waltham                                        

                                                         Mrs Bessie Reddin

                                                         Mr Harrison

                                                         Reverend Joan Thornett

                                                         Rosie Tuplin