Doreen writes


What is the purpose of the Church? - that big building in the middle of the village where people seem afraid to enter and only go in reluctantly for baptisms and funerals, (most weddings these days are conducted in more comfortable surroundings).


In some cases this may be so, but the doors of our Church, along with many others, are open all day every day for anyone who wants to find peace from the hassle of the speeding world. Although the furniture is old and worn, the carpets tatty and the plaster crumbling, the atmosphere is warm and friendly, with shafts of sunlight shining through the beautiful stained glass windows reinforcing the feeling that God is present.


We try to keep the place clean with fresh flowers and shiny brasses - not an easy task when volunteers are limited. The Sunday worship and coffee morning offer a welcome to those brave enough to enter. Here is a feeling of permanence where for generations people have come looking for that special something unobtainable elsewhere, not in vast numbers as we are led to believe, a look at the Service register reveals the truth, but a faithful few who have worked hard to ensure that in spite of constant change outside the never changing love of God is there for all to tap into if they have the confidence to take that first step.


Yes, we do worry about what will happen in the future but others have had the same fears - and yet people have always come forward to carry on Godís work, in a different way perhaps, but the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is unchanging and continues to give hope. Let us pray that the Church and the good it represents will always be there for the benefit of those who will come to live in our peaceful Lincolnshire countryside in the years to come.DC