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Text Box: First what is EM & NL?
It stands for Eastville, Midville and New Leake which are three outstanding fenland villages in Lincolnshire that are combined into one parish and still contains three churches.
Eastville                                                      Midville                                             New Leake


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The site has a simple to use menu system at the top of the page that will allow you to access information about any club or organisation that chooses to have a presence on this site. As with all websites keeping the information up to date is paramount to it usefulness, this has been made extremely easy, however it is up to each organisation to provide the updated information. Please contact the organisation directly using the ‘contact us’ link on their pages if you have or want updated information. We hope you never need to do that. If you have other more general suggestions please direct them through the parish council who will see that they get to the right place.






















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