The Luncheon Club

We meet at the Village Hall


Every 3rd Friday of the month


It costs 3 for each person for either a 2 or 3 course meal.


Yes your eyes have not deceived you, that is 3 each and we have on average 70 people who will tell you how good it is.


How does it work?

We do not have a formal membership, anyone over 50 is welcome and you can pay on the door on your first visit, although if there is a group of you please contact us in advance so that we can prepare enough food! If you wish to come to the next months meal you will be expected to pay for that at the end of you first meal. That is to say you pay in advance for your meals. If you can not attend the next meal you MUST inform the club by 6pm on the 3rd Monday in the month or you will lose your money. The only exceptions are for medical or other emergencies and the clubs decisions are final. This rule was brought in to stop the waste or shortage of food.