Eastville, Midville and New Leake Village Hall registered as Charity number 521917.




To provide a place where all sections of the community can meet, hold dances, theatre shows, classes, wedding receptions, parties, play games and any other form of entertainment or use approved by the Management Committee.




The Management Committee will be elected at each Annual General Meeting to be held at the end of March.  The Annual General Meeting will be advertised in the local press three times prior to the meeting being held.


The Management Committee will consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Booking Clerk and a minimum of twelve committee members representing various sections of the local community.  No member of the said committee can be a declared bankrupt.


It is the Management Committee’s duty to maintain the hall to the highest standard that the funds will allow.  A list of Management Committee members will be on display at all times.  No persons in whatever capacity, will receive any remuneration for their services on the committee.


A groundsman and caretaker/cleaner will be employed on a regular basis, other tradesmen as or when required with wages paid as agreed by the Management Committee.


The Management Committee will hold approximately eight ordinary meetings per annum to assure it is achieving its objectives.


Rules covering the behaviour of hirers towards the village hall property and buildings will be displayed on the notice board in the village hall at all times.


The hall will be licensed to cover musical entertainment.


The charge for the hall will be determined by the Management Committee and everyone will be encouraged to use the hall in the interest of their group.




All monies due to the hall are to be paid to the Treasurer not to individual members.


All outgoing cheques to be signed by two out of three named officers.


The Management Committee holds two bank accounts, one at Lloyds TSB and one at Giro.




In the event of the Village Hall being unable to form a Management Committee or becoming insolvent, the buildings, grounds and any existing asset will be handed over to the local Parish Council.