The Parish Plan


Ok so what is a parish plan?


Well as you are probably aware no longer does the council or government fund the things that we want! Now what ever it is you need to apply for a grant from someone. There are lots of grants available but like a fair ground game they pop up and then disappear again just as quickly. So you have to watch and be ready to strike.


If you are unwary then you will not see the grant you want pop up, or if you see it and grab it you will fall at the first question. “What evidence is there that this thing you want is needed?”


Now how are you going to get out of that? It is obvious to a blind man that this thing needs to be done, but how are you going to prove that it needs to be done and that this is not just your whimsy?


Well what you do is you get out your copy of the Parish Plan, or look at it on the internet, and there is the proof that you need. At least that is the idea. What we are doing is asking the whole parish what they would like to see happen here in the next ten years. Then we collate all the answers so that there is evidence of what most people want. Now we can all keep our eyes open and look for the grants that might help us to get these jobs done.


So if you see some thing that needs attention then we need your views so that the right questions get asked in the questionnaire that will get sent to everyone. How much money did we manage waste on this questionnaire, you might ask? Well very little actually, we got a grant, and the granting agent insisted that we give you all FREE tea and cakes in exchange for you all coming and helping to make a questionnaire that will get you more money do the things that need doing. It’s a funny old world nowadays!